Friday, 25 April 2014

"The Relaxation Principle" by Patrick Baigent    

The Relaxation Principle
Relaxation fundamentally involves reducing unnecessary effort. This is a core working principle we can make use of in any path of development. Patrick Baigent explores how this principle works in Buddhism, meditation and training methods such as Qigong. The reduction of unnecessary effort is combined with mindfulness to become ‘the direct path’ of relaxation. Bringing together the great traditions of Buddhism and Qigong Patrick Baigent explores what relaxation really means and offers useful conclusions. Discover the five orders of relaxation, the six gears of relaxation, why meditation is a health training, how meditation becomes a psychological therapy, and what tension and trauma may mean for meditation. Discover how to work with relaxation in your own path and training. The Relaxation Principle offers a radical new understanding of the place of relaxation. Patrick Baigent has nearly twenty years of experience in Buddhism and Qigong and offers teaching, mentoring and coaching in Cambridge, UK

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